Cost-efficient, bigger and
shorter time to market.

High-volume 3D printing with plastic granulate.

Do you need XXXL parts without long waiting times, cost-efficiently and entirely according to your requirements?

The QUEEN 1 prints fine where the highest precision is needed for exact details and bold and fast in less complex places to save time and material. Our developed intelligent VFGF process always prints the right amount of material at the right time, in the right place, using adapted process algorithms.

Prototype & series you decide.

Individual customer requirements at marketable prices at the highest quality with additively manufactured components.


Our Material:
Plastic granulate.

Close-to-production properties and broad portfolio.

3D printing with plastic granulate makes it possible to process engineering plastics with near-series properties. Melting in a specially developed screw extruder enables higher throughputs, which significantly reduces the printing time. In addition, fiber-filled materials with high dimensional stability and elastic materials can be printed.


Print Parts up to
40 times faster.

video image

With the VFGF process, high-resolution printing is only carried out where it is necessary, for example on the surface. Inner volumes are quickly filled with thicker layers.

Process algorithms adapted to the VFGF process ensure that the right amount of material is always extruded at the right time, in the right place. This makes it possible to print even complex components with support structures and overhangs.

Its all about of the Nozzle.

Individual customer requirements at marketable prices with the highest quality additively manufactured components.

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