Light Carrier for RV Tail
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Knauss Tabbert is an innovation leader with a mission: to make travelling safer, more independent and easier in the future. Because innovative ideas are the cornerstone of the success story of Knaus Tabbert AG, we support with our know-how to get a little closer to the goal of designing the recreational vehicle of tomorrow.

In this case, by printing a light carrier over 2 metres wide.

Facts & Figures

Material: PA6GF25
Printing Time: 128 hours
Weight: 12 kg without Support
Surface: painted

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Surface finish

The component was produced from two 3D prints on our QUEEN 1 and professionally and highly precisely glued and painted in the course of post-processing. After these process steps, it is no longer recognisable that it is a 3D print. The installation of the matching headlights and the attachment of the number plate holder ensure that the component can be installed in the vehicle and is fully functional.

With our 3D printing process, customer requirements, such as the printing of prototypes, can therefore be implemented quickly and adaptations in form, function and design can be realised cost-effectively without tooling.

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We manufacture functional components and prototypes for motorhomes with short lead times.

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